Case Converter – [Change Your Text To Uppercase, Lowercase]

How to Use the Case Converter?

Have you written a document or note in capital words without noticing? Now you don't need to worry about rewriting the whole document. Because you can use this case converter to convert the text in UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case & title case. You can use this online tool to convert your note in the desired case.

3 Simple Steps To Use This Case Changer:

  1. Copy that document that you want to convert and paste in the "Paste your text here" section.
  2. Choose one option from these 4 options and select the button which you want to convert. The option are UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case & Title Case. Click on these buttons to convert the document.
  3. After this, your desired case text will appear on the screen. You can select the content and copy it to your clipboard.

Why Should You Use The Case Converter?

There Are So Many Reasons Why You Need To Use This Case Converter Tool:

If you’ve accidentally written a document in UPPERCASE or in lowercase then you don't need to rewrite it or change the text manually to sentence form. Simply use the case converter text tool to perform an automatic conversion in less than a second.

Also if you're optimizing the content for search engines on your website. Then you already know which heading, word, or title can increase CTR. With the help of this case changer, you can change any heading, word, or whole file with only one click.

Why We Created This Word Changer Tool?

We build this tool to make our work life easy. This tool is solving a problem. You can bookmark or save the URL of this case converter for future use.

Benefits Of Using The Case Converter:

Already written text is changing to another case is a big problem. This online web-based tool is solving a big problem.

  • You can save your precious time by copying and pasting the text into this text converter tool with one click.
  • You can use this Text changer at any time 24/7.
  • You can change any amount of words you want.
  • You can change words to your desired case with one click.

Types Of Cases For Converting The Document:

1. Sentence Case:

The sentence case converter will allow you to change any heading or document to change into a sentence case. In this case, every first word of a sentence will be capital & the other words will be lower until a sentence is completed with a complete stop.

This is an example of sentence case.

2. Lower Case:

If you're worried about converting your uppercase letters to lowercase. Then don't need to worry. Just paste the text to this tool and click on the lower case button and you're done. In this case, every sentence will convert into small words.

this is an example of lowercase.

3. Upper Case:

In this case, you can change the text into Capital words. You just need to paste the content into it and click on the UPPER CASE button and you're done.


4. Title Case:

In the title case, you can convert your document to a title form. Every first word of a line in a sentence will be in capital letters. Just paste the link into this word changer and click on the title case and you're done.

This Is An Example Of Title Case.